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About USPTO Talk

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USPTO Talk is a weblog with information about the current state of patent prosecution at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Its purpose is to express some observations about and experiences with the patent office and the patent examining corps.

This site is provided by a current practitioner. The views expressed here are solely the product of the practitioner, and are not necessarily shared by the practitioner’s firm or clients. Also, the experiences described here do not represent any particular patent application, examiner, art unit, or interaction, but are generally drawn from the experiences of the practitioner over years of practice.

IMPORTANT: The views expressed here are not to be construed as legal advice. Only an experienced patent practitioner who legally represents you and is familiar with your circumstances can properly advise you. Relying on the views expressed here in the context of a particular legal decision is a terrible idea.



Hi – read with great interest your insightful and innovative article on patent quality and framework for examier evaluations. Are you aware of companies that are doing these in an automated way? I’ve found LexisNexis-Reed Technology, but not sure of its capabilities. Are there others? Also, do you have any other prosescution or examiner stats — e.g., average number of office actions, time between actions, etc. I look forward to corresponding. Thank you.


Good question. Lexis-Nexis / Reed Technology / Patent Advisor (now joined with Patent Core) is certainly the most visible provider of this service – I see their information everywhere, to their credit!

I believe that some others exist, with varying degrees of overlap. Both Black Hills IP and TyMetrix generate similar metrics, but I think that they are more focused on asset management and prosecution than examination. I regularly see new options at AIPLA (and I suspect that I am forgetting several of them!)

But in general, Reed Tech seems to be pretty far ahead of any competition for this specific task.

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